Judge agrees with UPI. On Every Single Argument.

Thanks to all the Union supporters who filled the court room today!  You are brave and wonderful.

The  attorney for Western Illinois University, Roy Davis, argued that the administration was too busy Tuesday to attend my arbitration hearing and that Tuesday’s hearing is meaningless.  Davis also claimed the arbitrator did not have the authority to subpoena the administration.

The UPI attorney, Stephen Yokich, reminded everyone that the UPI and the administration work under a binding contract.  Yokich cited two Supreme Court decisions (Compton and Warren, if I wrote them down correctly) that concluded that the circuit courts should stay out of the arbitration business.

The judge summarized arguments and counter arguments from each side (7 or 8 in all maybe), and then, for every single argument, backed up the union! (Well, maybe he felt a little sorry for the admin because they will have to endure the hardship of walking through the breezeway to Garwood Hall in January.)

I let out a sigh that would have impressed a yoga teacher.

An administrator next to me said, “Well, that was a waste of a Friday afternoon.”

No.  It was a waste of two years.


Relief for now.  Maz is happy too!

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