Mountain Dew vs. Diet Coke

My sketch of Western Illinois University’s Capitol Room on January 16, 2018, when it was arranged for Arbitration Hearing #2, pertaining to the unremedied contractual violations with regard to my layoff and 3 others.

Capitol roomWhen I testified about my qualifications, I said “The reason I’m qualified to teach Spanish is I have a PhD in Spanish.”

When I testified about my qualifications to teach writing, I said that in my Women’s Studies classes, including Writing in the Discipline, I’ve been teaching writing for years, and that I have a literature degree, which is the traditional degree of those who teach writing.  But I pointed out that so many people teaching writing  have no graduate degree in Literature or Rhetoric-if they are qualified, so am I.

I do not actually believe that “Anybody can teach Anything,” but I am confident that, with my 5 peer-reviewed articles across various disciplines and numerous other publications in various formats, I’m qualified to teach lower-level writing courses.

I’m tenured.  Who really believes I’m not capable of teaching 100-level writing course to WIU students?