In Appreciation of Select Individuals

In appreciation of the select individuals who:

lead the UPI and continue to defend my position at Western Illinois University

signed their names to a petition that would finally, after 27 months, hold the WIU administration accountable for endangering the entire university,

passed a referendum (read clarification at end of TSPR report) of no confidence in WIU’s current administration,

refuse to make excuses for a failed administration,

defend a diverse curriculum that attempts to fully integrate the diverse perspectives of feminists, people of color, LGBTQA folks, people with disabilities, and many others who tend to get pushed to the margins

have taken a stand for faculty at Western Illinois University,

believe that faculty are the university,

and in taking the above actions, have moved in the direction necessary to save the university,


And I’ve changed the title of my blog to LAID OF, BUT NOT LEFT BEHIND.