Advocate For WIU

I’m taking a break from application essay writing to appeal to you to advocate for Western Illinois University.52678098_10218936791189803_7682249479407271936_n

I’ve honed my application essay skills:  three Spanish positions and two Women’s Studies positions.  I remember composing applications over a decade ago for my tenure track position in at WIU.  My CV, experience, and skills are so much stronger and broader now, but search committees might be calling the new PhDs–the ones with less experience and less disillusionment.

In addition, I’m writing application essays for low-residency MFA programs in creative writing.   I hold a PhD, an MA, and M.Phil, but not an MFA.  Not yet.

Before I divulge the good news (important folks called me Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday)I want to see 6,000 signatures on this petition .   Please advocate for WIU:  tell Governor Pritzker to:

“1. “Buy Into Western Illinois University” by quickly appointing a new Board of Trustees who will work with the greater university community to develop a new vision and direction for Western Illinois University.

2. “Buy Into Western Illinois University” by providing emergency funding for the current fiscal year to rescind any pending layoffs and prevent future layoffs and program eliminations.”

Sign this petition.  Tell your friends about it and ask them to sign.

If you are on FB, please like this page #buyintoWIU.


More news soon!